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Frequently asked questions

Have a talk with coworkers who have tested the waters. Many find that they return with a heap of newfound energy and knowledge which not only makes the workday more exciting but more enjoyable as well. Maybe they have some good advice handy.

You can take an in-service training educational course for up to 10 days every year. If you are interested in further education, you can rack up additional days of absence over a three-year period.

Your educational course must be relevant to the professional area your collective agreement covers. But there are lots to choose from - among over 1,900 approved courses, there is definitely a right fit for you.

It depends on which course you are interested in. Start by talking with HR or your staff representative to learn more about your options. You can also have a talk with an advisor via chat, phone or video meeting - read more here

Your workplace contributes monthly to an account set aside for the furthering of you and your coworkers' education as stipulated in your collective agreement. You will receive grants for course fees, materials and accommodations at educational courses – and you will receive 100% pay compensation.

There are always benefits to furthering your education – both for you and the company. Emphasize the skills and assets you will gain and explain how it will benefit the company as a whole.

Get career advice

You can always get help and advice in the educational guide known as “UddannelsesGuiden,” where you can chat, email or Skype with an advisor.
Read more here

If you have questions, please contact HK at 70 11 45 45 or Dansk Erhverv at 33 74 62 38.

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