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Are you ready to step up to the plate? Self-selected education is part of your collective agreement. This means that every year you are entitled to in-service training educational courses for up to 10 days. You´ll be able to receive grants for course fees, materials, transportation, and accommodations at educational courses – plus 100% salary compensation.

Learning pays off
- for you and the company!


Everyone wins with self-selected education

Advantages for the employee

  • Learn new knowledge about your current work areas
  • Add new, supplementary skills
  • Achieve new responsibilities in your current role

Advantages for the company

  • Valued employees are maintained and gain newfound passion
  • The company gains new competencies with current resources
  • Up-to-date employees increase efficiency and competitive edge

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Are you ready to step up to the plate?

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“I’m so excited about this new knowledge I can bring to the warehouse.

I have laid the groundwork for being able to help my colleagues succeed and ensuring peak collaboration across all competencies.”

Team leader with 17 years of experience in a logistics company

“I was very pleased with my work but here and there it became a little repetitive.

Now every day is a new day and our sales have increased.”

Salesman with 8 years of retail experience

“I've come back stronger - in my professional as well as my personal growth”

Administrative associate with 14 years of experience

Check out our most popular courses and in-service training

Utilize the concept

Learn to apply different concepts and sub-concepts within sales, branding and customer service.

1 day

Plan the sale

Learn to plan sales activities that match the company's professional persona and effectively collaborate with your team.

1 day

Express yourself as a leader

Gain insight into the importance of communication and secure valuable tools for your own growth in a leadership role.

2 days

Learn conflict mediation

Understand how to effectively handle difficult clients through constructive communication tools.

1 day

Strengthen your sales technique

Learn to reach out, listen and sell to a client in a positive way utilizing simple techniques.

2 days

Optimize the space

As part of the academic educational course in retail, learn effective store optimization. Concerns warehouse and company space as well.

Discover your leadership style

Develop your personal leadership style and learn how to see the bigger picture, prioritize and delegate tasks efficiently.

3 days

Provide good customer service

Set yourself up for successful customer service interactions that complement the business's brand, image and target audience.

2 days

Grow your customer base

Learn to plan, execute, and optimize sales via social media and target a specific audience.

2 days

Organize the data

Learn techniques for the handling, collection, transferring and registration of data in the company's IT system.

2 days

Understand sales techniques

Dive into the primary techniques that positively bolster sales and customer service.

2 days

Get the spreadsheets in order

Learn to handle large data volumes effectively using spreadsheet models and the built-in features they offer.

1 day

Utilize pivot tables

Learn to analyze large data volumes with the help of pivot tables e.g., statistics and interactive reports.

1 day

Learn the art of motivation

Encourage organization and the application of workplace psychology as part of the academic education in leadership.

Utilize social media

Apply effective social media outreach in your marketing and branding in a way that attracts and maintains customers.

3 days

Become a better leader

Take the basic leadership course consisting of 6 modules distributed over the course of 4-6 months.

13 days total

Become sustainable

Learn how to reconfigure the company and develop sustainability goals and areas of action.

2 days

Learn the spreadsheet basics

Equip yourself with the most efficient formulas for creating spreadsheets in a presentable and manageable manner.

2 days

Play as a team

Learn to handle communication conflicts and translate information into solutions within your team.

2 days

Put your leadership into practice

Strengthen your leadership skills within your own trade as part of the academic educational course in leadership.

Learn Danish as a second language

Get specialist-supported help with Danish in order to complete your job market training.

10 days

Improve your English

Learn the basic vocabulary to perform daily work functions in English.

5 days

Learn first aid

Introduction to first aid on the job and the 4 principles of first aid.

0,4 days

Get the hang of a forklift

Take the forklift certificate course B and learn how to drive, operate and maintain forklifts.

7 days

Get into Lean

Learn the thought process behind Lean and the values it can add to your business and your personal growth.

1 day

Here's the plan:

  1. Find the in-service training that works for you.

    There are more than 1,900 pre-approved courses on voksenuddannelse.dk

  2. Talk to your employer

    Share your goals and agree on the time, place and scope of your furthered education.

  3. Fill out and submit your application form on kompetencefonde.dk

    Look forward to more knowledge.

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Need help choosing?

Get career advice

You can always get help and advice in the educational guide known as “UddannelsesGuiden,” where you can chat, email or Skype with an advisor.
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If you have questions, please contact HK at 70 11 45 45 or Dansk Erhverv at 33 74 62 38.

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