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Question 1

Are you entitled?

Are you entitled to up to 10 days of self-selected education a year?


That’s right!

You are entitled to up to 10 days of self-selected education a year. Guess entitlement is not always a bad thing!

The fine print.

The collective agreement between Dansk Erhverv, HK Handel and HK Privat and the collective agreement for stores (Butiksoverenskomsten) between Dansk Erhverv and HK Handel gives employees the right to self-selected education for up to 10 days a year. These days can be used within the applied areas as stipulated in the collective agreement. The employees can amass days of self-selected education for up to 3 years.


Question 2

Who's paying?

Will you still receive full pay during your course? And is it all covered?


No worries!

You’re only responsible for taking the first step. That’s right, you will receive full pay and all pre-approved courses are covered.

Grants are available for:

  • Wage loss allowance and coverage for course fees
  • Course materials
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations at overnight courses


Question 3

A bit self-absorbed?

How do you feel about continuing your education?


Take off with a clear conscience!

Self-selected education is a benefit to your colleagues, your company and, of course, to yourself!


Question 4

Mix and match?

Is the chosen educational course up to you?


Of course it's up to you!

Your in-service training educational course just has to be relevant to your profession within the area covered by your collective agreement. And as you will discover, there’s plenty to choose from.


Question 5

Anywhere near here?

Do you think self-selected educations are few and far between?


Close enough!

Don't worry. You will find locations for your educational course near your home, at work or online. You’re almost ready to take off!

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